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Excursion (on Sunday, October 20)

The excursion will be held on Sunday, October 20 2013.

Let’s find the Japanese traditional culture in Kagawa

We will visit the Historical Museum of the Tale of Heike, Ritsurin Garden, and Kompira Shrine (Kagawa).
Detail information about these facilities will be available at and below site.

Kagawa prefecture is very famous for Udon noodle named “Sanuki* Udon**”. Therefore we planed to eat Udon noodle for the lunch in Sanuki Mengyo.

* “Sanuki” is the ancient name of Kagawa prefecture.
** Sanuki udon noodle is made from wheat flour.

Minimum partcipants: 20

If the number of attendants was less than 20, the excursion will be cancelled.

Attendant fee: 5,500JPY

It includes all of the admission ticket fees and lunch.

Course and time table

Time Table

How to attend