Sunport Hall Takamatsu

Construction of international collaboration with telemedicine


Kazuhiro Hara

President of the Japanese Telemedicine and Telecare Association
Specially Appointed Professor of Kagawa University,
 Seto Inland Sea Regional Research Center
Professor, Tokushima Bunri University,
 Faculty of Health and Welfare

Greetings from the Chairman

 The 18th ISfTeH International Conference - Japan and the JTTA 2013 TAKAMATSU will be held on 18-19 October, 2013 at the Takamatsu Sunport Hall in Takamatsu.
 It has been 8 years since the first JTTA conference was held in Takamatsu on October 22, 2005 and since then, the environment surrounding telemedicine in Japan has changed significantly. In March 2011, Japan was rocked by an earthquake that had a devastating effect on the medical world; healthcare providers died, medical facilities were destroyed, and clinical records were damaged. After the disaster, the Japanese government shifted their policy towards promoting telemedicine and electronic medical record system. The perinatal electronic medical record system and electronic maternity book “Ihatobu,” which were already in place in Iwate, had been shown to be very useful in managing pregnant women in these disaster areas. This re-acknowledged the fact that a data center type medical IT network was important. Hence, the demand for telemedicine increased.
 The government’s vision is to spread telemedicine and home medical care with EHR/PHR to many regions including those areas damaged by the tsunami. I believe it is a great purpose to hold the 18th ISfTeH International Conference - Japan in an era where the idea of telemedicine and EHR/PHR has developed and is rapidly becoming popular.
 At this international conference, I would like introduce the world to the technologies of Japanese telemedicine and EHR/PHR with the theme of the current situation and the future of telemedicine in various countries. This is in collaboration with regional medical information networks established under the “Restoration of Regional Medical Care” project of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, which activates clinical trials with coordination pathways (Diabetes Regional Medical Coordination) for various types of diseases, electronic prescription, and the Japanese version of EHR and IT.
 Takamatsu Sunport Hall is located in Symbol Tower, which is right next to the JR Takamatsu station. It has many convention facilities and a great network environment, similar to the JGN-X, which is a fast internet connection promoted by the government. Additionally, Takamatsu is easily accessible for participants from all over the world by plane, train, bus, or ferry.
 The Setouchi International Art Festival 2013 will also be held at the same time. It is a contemporary festival to show the beauty of Setouchi Sea to people from all over the world. Many art projects are displayed on different islands of the Setouchi Sea. Many attendees from foreign countries will be able to enjoy the festival.
 We will do our best to make this convention a success, and therefore, we would like everyone to join us.